Updated May 10, 2017


  • Ohio had plans to build six nuclear reactors in the 1970s and those efforts were blocked.

  • Ohio is at risk of losing both of its remaining nuclear plants, which provide 90 percent of Ohio's clean energy.

  • Among U.S. states, Ohio has the leading number of premature deaths from particulate matter from electricity generation.

  • A Congressional Budget Office analysis finds that renewables received $10.7 billion more or 55 times what was given to nuclear in 2016. On a unit of energy basis, renewables received over 100 times what was given to nuclear.

  • Between 1978 and 2007, the Energy Department spent $24 billion on fossil energy research that led to the fracking revolution — including $10 billion in tax credit (US Code Section 29) for unconventional oil and gas drilling.

  • Climate scientist James Hansen, high-tech leaders, Ohio community leaders, and over 100 others have urged Governor John Kasich to end discrimination against nuclear so the plants can be saved. They also sent a letter to Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos.